Saturday, 17 December 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave To Me...

Four Mindf**k Minutes
Three Shounen Timeskips
Two Crazy Whores
And A Pair of Giant Matrix Boooooobiiiiiiieeeessss!

I've waxed lyrical about the madness and insanity of Popee the Performer many times now, both in a post here, and on an official Anime-Planet review. Having become such a phenomenon for me in the last few months, there was no way I could have 12 Days of Christmas without Popee (or in this case, Papi) hi-jacking one of the posts! So with that in mind I decided that my fourth day would be given over to the most eye-meltingly weird and messed up four minutes of my life that I've ever spent. Yes, it could only be the "Sleep" episode and what better way to sum up this entire episode, than a short clip of Papi "doin' his thang!"

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